Friday, 6 July 2007

She is Beautiful!!

Early morning, as usual i went for a walk on the beach. But today was was bit unusual.Atmosphere was breathing in fog heavily.Sand wore the coffin of dew. Winds played the symphony of Beethoven's. Last night's wine was still flowing in my mind, and i was feeling bit dizzy but i tried my best to keep myself alive, because today sand showed the footprints of someone which captured my eyes. Footprints, which i have never seen in my life, as if they were painted by a professional painter on a canvas. I followed those footprints, and far away i could see in that heavy fog, the glitter of a piece of shiny cloth moving slowly towards sea. Moving further i saw it was a girl, wearing peach coloured long chiffon sari and most of it was wiping the dew over sand. Dark and denser, long and silky were her hair, dancing with the symphony played by wind.Fair was her complexion and immaculate was her face. Sweeter than wine was her smile, and that perfect curve of lips by embracing each other murmured something, as she was saying 'Ay Boy! Come to me! Embrace me! ' With every next step on that canvas i felt like hypnotized by her deep blue eyes. Every next step of her seemed like measured. I started taking long steps in order to reach her. At last my hand caught the end of her sari and she was just few feet away. Soon i clasped her hand and that touch made me feel like i am in heaven. In a jiffy i got grip on her, i stopped, i stared deeply, embraced her in my arms tightly and drowned into the sea. But Who Knew Death Is So Beautiful! !