Friday, 20 August 2010

Mr. Schadenfreude

Courtesy: Google Images
There is always a person in every one's life whom one admires for something or other. Today i will also talk about that person. I can write a whole  book on that person. But today i will drip some sugar coated words for him.

He is a man who has got nothing to do in his life. He excels at prying into others' matters. He is a man who never gets angry and has maintained his so called sarcastic tone which is always aimed at degrading others. He is a self-taught and self-sufficient man who has been so much over-indulged in his self-sufficiency that now he is suffering from "I" syndrome. I syndrome can be defined as that "he keeps on blaming his family that they did nothing for him and that he did all for himself." You can say egoist or egotist.

The unique quality which he possesses is gossiping. He is a gossipmonger. In a community, his network is so strong that if anyone hears news, i am sure he is the one who has disseminated.

He is a schadenfreude. He revels in others' misfortunes. He needs something to pick on others. Let it be anyone, he just wants to somehow mock and ridicule them by insinuating an insult or hurting remark with sugar coated words. He is a person who should be taught Business Communication course. He should be taught that instead of saying to a person "You can't  do this" he should say "You can do this instead." But i guess that is out of question. This is because his self-sufficiency controls him now. To shut his mouth up we need a person who can come with instant witty comebacks.

I shall enlighten you guys even if you don't want to be enlightened that he is a stereotype. He has got his own baseless reasons and that's why arguing with him is always baseless (What a logic. Am i stereotype?).

In the end i will say that i have found a job for him. He can be a reporter in ZOOM TV. I guess no one will be able to beat him. No one will be able to fudge the news better than him. This is called sublimation according to Freud's Defense Mechanism =D.

Oh. I forgot to tell you who is this person. But shall i? No. It is unethical(how sweet of me).One should know that he is "The Gossipmonger cum Newsmonger cum Rumourmonger etc.."

Viola. I have enough gossiped about him but i guess he is the only person about whom i can gossip so much. I believe everyone comes across such one person in his or her life who is born to do so. Lets have an analysis of this person. Is there any way we can improve him? Or No?. I believe no. It's because that he has outgrown that stage in which he could have been moulded. Partially his parents can be blamed but lets spare those old people. They did what they could do. I believe that this person has grown up with just a thought that it's "I" who matters. I have no issue of being having too much "I". Being an adherer of Ayn Rand that is perfectly fine. But this person uses "I" with negative energy and this is where the flaw lies. He needs to learn to stand in other's shoes. I understand that he has seen lot of pain and sufferings but i have believed that out of pain and sufferings man becomes bold and understanding instead of turning into a so called insinuating insult generator. I can't comment much as i don't know much about his youth in which i am sure some negative centripetal or centrifugal or whatever force attracted him and turned him into such person.

I hate talking this way about people. I guess i will come up with another entry in which i will have detailed analysis of these kind of people. How their thoughts are driven and all. Good Bye.